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Thread: What is definition of blog for you?

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    What is definition of blog for you?

    For me, blog is as 2nd life
    In our real life, we can search for friend, money, share something, share our mood (angry, happy, etc..), search enemy, make controversion, etc..

    That's all can be done using blog also

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    My friend Wikipedia had an answer which represents my own conception of a blog...
    A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.
    Your threads are a bit ambiguous, akira.

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    no, every person have own definition about blog. Maybe blog is "my place to share" or "place to ran out from reality". Make your own definition about what is blog...

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    Blog ??

    place to sound up your voice to the whole world.

    (simple as that) haha..

    plus something worth to try for getting some money (adsense)

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    for me ....
    when there is something that i cant speak it out ... i usually write down in my blog .... so i can expressed all the things in my mind and heart to my writings ....
    in other words,blog is like my place that i can express all the things that i cant speak

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    Hm.... i think blog is very use full to help u find so many answer that u search from uncle google

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    Quote Originally Posted by TsubasaOzora View Post
    Blog ??

    place to sound up your voice to the whole world.
    Sorry, not intended at you, but your post reminded me of this picture:

    Oh, and, what's blogging for me? It's quite a lot: it's an income, it's a place to meant friends, it's a place to practise my writing. I don't really know how to respond properly... there's so many different things.

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