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Thread: What do you do after posting a blog post?

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    Well if you are looking for a list of placed to ping, just add these to the list:
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    I always submit it to Stumble Upon and Digg.

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    After I publish a post. I submit it to twittley, which sends a tweet to twitter. The post will auto submit to my facebook as I set it up that way. If I feel the article is really good. I submit it to stumbleupon and send it out to all my friends on stumbleupon. After that I go comment on about 10 to 100 blog posts.
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    First I tweet it.
    Second I comment like crazy.
    Third I take a break from the computer.
    Fourth I look to build links.

  5. Well, when I use to have a good blog after I posted something on it, I would talk about it to other people sometimes tweet about it, but most of the time i would try and find something similar in a forum I am part of and tell people what I wrote about and then let them know where on my blog they could find more about my opinion if they were interested.

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    haha I would say if its a good post then bookmark it on delicious and tweet about it.. if any of you guys out here on twitter you can ask me retweets "only for good posts"

  7. I do nothing at the moment, probably the worst thing to do :P

    I really should start tweeting and promoting straight away.

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    I too publish it on twitter as well as facebook for gaining more and more traffic. I also sell the links at my blog.

  9. Tweet about it and submit it on some social media sites.
    What about all that commenting that you mention? I always do that anyway, do you comment more after you posted something?
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    1st, I will tweet it.
    2nd, promote my post in my google chat / MSN
    3rd, accessing to stat. to check how many visitors visit to my post
    4th, To review and enhance from time to time. (My Personal Blog) (My Wushu Diary)

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