One of the blogs I regularly read, recently came up with this:

In the past few weeks, Iíve been getting quite a lot of comments where the name of the person isnít a name -gee, not even a nickname!- but a keyword / search term which obviously links to his / her site.

At first, I was OK with that because I understand that using keywords as our name will help our Off-page SEO. However, some people abused this unwritten rule of mine so I decided to de-link comments that met this condition. I donít want people commenting over here for the link-back but to contribute to the discussion going on.

I am aware that some people might not like this. I donít like it much myself either. The problem is that these people will continue to spam my blog -yes, this is spamming too!- degrading the discussion for everybody. I donít want that.

So, my comment policy has been updated. Comments with keywords in the Name field will be de-linked.
Generally, I do not use keywords in my name. But honestly, I disagree with him. As a reader is taking out time to comment on his blog and every comment raises the value of the blog. His this decision is not a good one I think.

What do you think? What are your views?