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Thread: What happen to my site.

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    What happen to my site.

    Hi friends i need you help on reviewing my site. My site rank no 1 in the keyword sikat ang pinoy but this week my site was down to 8. can you review what happen and what are the things that i will do to make it back?

    Here is the link Sikat Ang Pinoy


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    SERPS will rise and fall. Just keep focusing on building quality backlinks for your site. Adding content to your site on a regular basis will help as well.

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    SERPS are always changing. Like 5Starpix said, you need to continually create backlinks.
    Social bookmarking helps a lot!

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    Wellsaid others.. They will keep fluctuating. But whenever you get a drop, try to change the anchor text to a variate (instead of exact anchor text).. And like you did above, get 1-2 good forum links or blogroll when you're dropped. They help.
    SEO girl...

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    Thanks a lot mates. Thanks for your advices.

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