I'm doing some research to figure out what makes the best tech news sites or services . This is what I concluded so far, but those seem like easy pickings:

1. Focus. They are focused on one particular topic, industry, area of expertise and so on or if they are more general they have multiple defined categories and ideally people covering them.

2. Team of writers. Not everybody can afford this, but it really helps get more stuff covered per day, especially if many topics are covered (specific members take care of a specific set of categories they know best about).

3. Images and multimedia (like embedded videos), to make news posts more attractive.

4. RSS feeds with teasers and social media integration, usually twitter feed of news and updates.

5. Editors interact in comments.

6. Anything else?

But there are also different types of news sites. The ones I can identify are:

1. News blogs - usually have a rather casual post style interwoven with author's comments and opinions, but still brief and to the point.

2. News portals - usually big sites with lots of daily news in lots of categories and news posts which are full articles, less casual and more "analytical" and broad.

3. News aggregators - actually don't even have articles, but just scoops with a link to full story.

So.. what do you think makes a great tech news site and which of the above types do you prefer?