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Thread: What methods do you use to drive traffic?

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    I am curious about getting Twitter followers also. And can you explain to me how you know how many backlinks you have?
    Steven here, my friends.
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    The trick is to start following people in your niche and start interacting with them... not too much though! Just bit by bit.

    Start tweeting about your niche, they'll follow you eventually!

    Once you get there... they'll come in every day

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    Thumbs up Twitter tips!

    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    twitter is good only if you have a lot of followers. In my case, i have no followers ( (do you have tips to get many followers?)
    Oh... first, you follow people. Click into other people's follower (or friend) list. There is a "follow" button there. Follow the ones you think are interesting.

    Some of the people will follow you back.

    Here's another way: Do something interesting outside of twitter. Most celebrities usually have a lot of followers, if you've noticed.

    Here is an ultimate guide for everything twitter

    Here are more tips,

    1. Reply
    Interact with them. Answer their questions. Or you can simply thank them.

    2. Ask a question
    like a poll. Ask something that is answerable. (e.g. Which browser do you think is the best? Why?) Asking questions tells your followers that you want to connect.

    3. Retweet
    A retweet is like the ultimate way of saying 'Thank you' to the people whom you followed that tweets an interesting tweet, or a link. A retweet looks like this

    "RT @username: (The original tweet)"

    It helps to spread your followers' name (and tweet) and probably help them get followers ("Oh! That guy's tweet looks interesting! I might as well follow him"), which is helping them (and twitter is a great chance of helping people).

    4. Recommend them for #followfriday
    Followfriday is when people recommend other great people to follow. It helps them get more followers (They might probably recommend you back).

    To tweet a #followfriday tweet, simply type the peoples' usernames and tag with #followfriday. You can also recommend them individually (If they are really great!).

    "#followfriday @user @tweep @twitterer @tweet @twitteruser @anothertwitteruser"

    "#followfriday @user Useful guy! Always shares irresistible links!"

    5. Don't spam your followers with your blog posts
    It's just plain annoying. But yes, it is ok to tweet your blog posts once in a while.

    6. Share irresistible links
    Your followers will benefit from it and will probably retweet it.

    7. Use tweetdeck -
    It is the ultimate twitter client. Duh. ;p Tips on using it

    8. Do not use auto DMs
    Auto DMs are simply impersonal. I've heard that some people unfollow the sender after they receive an Auto DM.

    9. Block auto DMs
    Auto DMs are simply annoying. You can block them if you want. And if you block them, you'll have a nice clean inbox with only DMs you want to receieve. Visit and you will know how to.

    10. Don't forget to tweet personal tweets too!
    They give your followers a deeper view into you, and gives more proof that you are not just another bot.

    11. Above all, put your followers first
    Give and you shall receive!

    I hope these tips help! If you want deeper tips, you should go to

    P.S. You can follow me @Gloson - I hope you'll enjoy my tweets!

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    thanks, i will follow your "tips how to get follower"

    Anyway, direct advertising is not too expensive, so i think this is become good method to get traffic. Why i'm said not too expensive? Look, there is many blog with good traffic ofer adv just for $5-$10 per month

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    Amazing post Gloson, as always!

    @akira07: many blogs offer ad placement for this range of price (5-10$) because they want more advertisers!

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    @nic SEO
    yes, and don't miss that chance. With budget about $50 then we can get advertising on 5-10 blog. Let's say that 1 blog have 5000-10000 UV, then imagine how many traffic you will get :P

    But yeah, it's all depend on how persuasive your advertisement are.

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    When I launch my blog, I plan to advertise on several different forums, my social networks, twitter, digg, and anywhere else I can find. :P
    Steven here, my friends.
    Believe in God.

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    wow you're advertise it crazily. how's the result of your effort, effective or no? since you have experience with many method of advertising, how about tell us, which method is bring you most traffic?

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    I always use these methods to drive more traffics :

    1. Blog commenting.
    2. Blog Networking, such as stumbleupon, digg, blog-catalog, etc.
    3. Entrecard.
    4. Article Marketing, and
    5. BlogUpp Free Promotions. lol

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    wow i also wanna know the effectiveness of entrecard. I'm often win entrecard point on some contest but never know how to use it. Anyway, i don't know what do you mean by article marketing method. What is it?

    Another method to drive traffic :
    Make little controversy about something and post it to forum, social netwotking, etc, i'm sure traffic will come. My local blog make a controversy about : 12 May 2009, chip 666 will launched, it's hoax .. !! Result is good, about 30 visitor per day, but today only 11. It's little amount for you're guys, but for me to get 30 visitor per day is great

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