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Thread: What methods do you use to drive traffic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    twitter is good only if you have a lot of followers.
    Congratulations, you've fallen for the hype.

    Twitter is not "only good if you have loads of followers", Twitter is good if you have QUALITY followers. A lot of the followers who will just follow you for the followback are crap twitter users and will never read your tweets, thus making having that follower worthless.

    You should concentrate on finding QUALITY twitter followers.

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    Oh, i'm understand. But my principe is collect followers as much as i can, there will be some followers is quality followers. And also, not all quality followers read and doing up what's written in our tweet.
    For example, having 3000 followers and having 50 quality followers. I think the result will not too bad for 3000followers account, just said that the worst condition is only 2% of them become traffic : 3000x1% = 60 UV. And the worst condition for 50 quality followers is 40% : 50x40% = 20 UV.

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    I think forum social bookmarking is better way for drive traffic because nowadays there are lots of users on social sites and its easy to drive them on your site by social bookmarking.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gloson View Post
    Well, I use these methods to drive traffic to Gloson Blog.

    - Tweeting my posts on twitter
    - Sending my posts to friends on stumbleupon
    - They just come via search engines
    - Commenting on other blogs

    And it averages to about 150 visitors and 300 pageviews. Farrhad is doing way better than me ;p

    So, what methods do you use to drive traffic? What are your biggest sources of traffic?
    I have do your tricks, and its amazing to drive more traffics to your blog / website. Simple, easy, and give you huge traffics instantly. Thanks for your simple tricks.

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    I give always 1st priority to forum commenting and then blogging and blog commenting.

  6. To drive more traffics, I use SEO strategy and how to choose the right keywords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    Nope not my main source.

    Most is from Stumble Upon, then I have many blogs linking in....I have 7500+ back links, so traffic just comes.
    do you purchase the backlinks?
    Content Writer

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    In the past I siphoned off traffic from popular blogs. You just post a detailed comment to entice readers to be curious enough to check out your blog via your linked name. To be more prominent, you can respond to the top comment.

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    After Forum posting and commenting blogging is the best way to drive traffic.

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    I used social networks too (Twitter and Facebook), used blog commenting for backlinks, joined affiliate programs, did guest blogging and advertised everywhere I could. That got me some views.

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