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Thread: What steps do you take to get more comments on your blog?

  1. What steps do you take to get more comments on your blog?


    Blog comments raise the value of a blog, and every blogger wants a good comment average.

    What steps do you take to convert readers into commenters?

    For me these work:

    -Ask your readers to comment.
    -Make your blog do follow.

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    More tips

    - Show off your top commentators
    - Post a question. Tips -
    - Ask a question at the end of a blog post
    - Interact with your readers

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    Top Commentors/CommentLuv definately help increase the comment count, but I think the most important thing to do is go and comment on other people's blogs. If you find the right blog, the owner will usually come and comment back

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    make my blog become do follow will force people to spam in my blog do you think so? And i don't want to use code verification or something like that since it's annoying

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