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Thread: Why do you blog?

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  1. Why do you blog?


    Why do you blog?

    I blog on Let's Sermo for...the fun of it. I just love it.

    The Dollar Diary, was maybe to make money, but I am loving it.

    What is your motive behind blogging? Fame? Money? Or something else?

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    I blog because I want to help people....and for the fun of it

    I also want to earn money, but that is not the main reason.

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    I'm like Gloson. I wanted a place to be able to make friends and hopefully help a few people out at the same time. Sure, it's great if I can make a bit of money from it, but the main thing is to connect with other bloggers and get to know loads of great people

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    i want something which can make me nostalgia when i see it. I prepare my blog for my old days . Looking back my life by read my blog is interesting, i think :P
    It's unique reason, right? hehe

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    Nice one akira, lol.

    I blog because I believe it is a wonderful way to expose and share your ideas to an audience you would never be able to gather otherwise in real life (that is if your name isn't Dale Carnegie).
    I also think that the Web (in general), is an incredible source of wealth: you just need to use it properly.

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    I blog for the fun of well, blogging. Also the prospect of making a few dollars in the future is great. Money is better if earned through lots of hard work. I am working on my blog about Making Money and I plan to go all out. Got wordpress, a theme, and some plugins. Going to contact a logo / banner / header creator to do some customization and get my first 11 posts completed and start posting.
    Steven here, my friends.
    Believe in God.

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    anyway, with blogging we can also find a friend
    i have many friend right now from blog, an do you believe that me and them already meet offline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    anyway, with blogging we can also find a friend
    i have many friend right now from blog, an do you believe that me and them already meet offline?
    Very good point. I've got ten or twenty people all over the globe that I've made friends with through my blogging (whether it's them commenting on my blog or me commenting on theirs). I think the most important thing is just to be as friendly as possible, and hopefully people will like you

    That said, it would be nice to meet up with some other bloggers in real life. I know one guy who blogs offline, but I only see him once or twice per year and he's not an avid blogger.

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    Haha, motivate him to blogging again and introduce him to me :P

    Actually, my main purpose to blogging is so big. Do you want to know? Haha, ok i will tell you. I wanna my lifestory in my blog is created as conventional book and i hope people who read it will motivated and being inspired. There is some of indonesia people success in publishing book which based on their blog article, try to search (if you want to know) : Raditya Dika

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    To make money and to make friends with other bloggers so that they can be my link building partners

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