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Thread: Why do you comment on blogs?

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    Why do you comment on blogs?


    Let's discuss: Why do you comment on blogs?

    I read a post somewhere by Farrhad that said something like this- Every comment raises the value of a blog. So by commenting we are supporting the blogger.

    I feel that is a good reason.

    Let's chirp in.

  2. (I think you meant the email i used to send to all my commentators)

    The MOST common reason is to get traffic. Also, you get a link back.
    And sometimes I comment to share my opinion.
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    Here are some reasons why I comment.

    1. To support the blogger
    Every comment a blogger receives makes him happy, right? It also helps to show that his blog is active.

    2. To promote your brand
    The more you comment on blogs, the more you will get known. Oh yes, and if you don't have one, you should get a Gravatars help to brand you more!

    3. To drive traffic to your blog
    If you make useful comments on a blog, you'll get traffic. People wonder whether your blog has useful content because you make useful comments!

    And if you are making a long comment, be sure to <strong>format</strong> it <i>well</i> like <u>this</u> so that more people will read it and get the point. Oh, and break up the huge wall of text into smaller paragraphs!

    4. To share your opinion
    Sometimes, if a blog post stuns me, the chances of me commenting are more. Or, if I strongly disagree with a blog post, I'd make a comment on why I think it is wrong.


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    I comment mainly if i find the article very interesting.

  5. Earlier I used to comment mostly on Do Follow blogs. But now I dont do like that. whenever I find some great post via Twitter or any Social Bookmarking site, I comment on it to appreciate the work done by the blogger

    It does have some side free traffic
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    I comment to share my opinion. Occasionally people ask me to comment just to boost their count, and even then I try to be meaningful. Commenting to raise exposure is cool, but gets boring after a while, haha.

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    I do it for work mostly unless I stumble across something I find useful.

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