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Thread: Would you create controversy to drive traffic?

  1. Would you create controversy to drive traffic?


    As for me, if it is something that I have a valid point on, yes maybe I would. And I would only do it if I was sure I could handle it and I am not wrong.

    Would you create controversy to drive traffic?

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    Yes, I surely would. It is free publicity.

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    Fox News does it. Why not us?

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    For me, I will. But it really depends on the "line" that your niche is willing to accept. Sometimes, a controversy or a joke may be too much.
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    It's a great way to generate traffic; it's something I'm doing right now. I didn't even think it would go this far (WooThemes guys firing back at me over Twitter, behind childish, etc... Got me a ton of free traffic and publicity and kinda shows what douchebags they are) -- go for it
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