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Thread: Are you still on AdSense?

  1. Cool Are you still on AdSense?


    Are you still on AdSense?

    I would like to stress on the fact that in the beginning...only in the beginning AdSense is a good monetizing method.

    But as your blog grows I urge all you bloggers to get rid of AdSense and go in for private ads or maybe other networks like AdBrite.

    And if you get banned from AdSense, consider it a boon.

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    Yes, I am still on adsense, but am not really serious with it. Why is adsense not good anymore?

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    Bit confused by this thread, I've always thought Adsense is a really good program to use. I agree, there are a few peoople that misuse it on spammy blogs and have given it a bad name, but IMO it's a great way of making money.

    Personally I've started using it again as I want to get my latest check. I gave up Adsense when I still had some money towards the $100, so I figured I'd start again to round it up and cash in

  4. You ask any big blogger - maybe I can include myself in the list, I'm not as big as Daniel Scocco though but I earn way more from 1 blog than what most bloggers earn from 5 blogs - If they would only use AdSense to monetize their site--> The answer will be a big NO.

    Some may use AdSense along with private ads, but i can assure you, they do not earn even a fifth from AdSense compared to private ads. (Even shoemoney reecently said that his AdSense earnings are falling)

    AdSense now must, IMO, only be used on new blogs.

    And like most people are complaining the click rates are also really falling + people are turning a blind eye towards them.
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    Not according to Garry Conn.

    Almost all his money comes from Adsense.

  6. I remember reading his QandA on how he said his adsense earning is falling.
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    Nope was banned do not know the reason

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    I have read many bloggers say that AdSense is crap now.
    But as you said in the beginning I will be using AdSense...after that NO.

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    Adsense messed up my blog, so I no longer use it. Private ad sales and affiliates just work better for me.

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    Has anyone tried Project Wonderful? It allows people to bid on your ad price. I hear it is friendly to bloggers.
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