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  1. Smile Your Favorite Blogs


    Which are your favorite blogs?

    Mine are:

    Daily Blog Tips
    Life Coaches Blog
    Think Money

    The list can really go on.

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    Thanks for including me in your list, Farrhad I don't tend to read the bigger blogs, usually the smaller ones where I can get to know the owners. These are a few of my favourites: - great site about the mental side of making money online. Inspirational to say the least. - Run by a really cool guy and the posts there are second to none. - Again, co-run by a very cool guy. The theme there is incredible and the content is awesome to read, too. - Look at the author page and you'll soon see why I like it - Run by a really cool guy. Would be one of my favourites but he doesn't post very often

    I could go on for ages about the different blogs I love, but those were the first 5 that sprung to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundar View Post
    Oh yeah. How did I miss that one out?!

    Smashing Magazine must be one of the best websites on the internet, and I'd advise anyone to have a read through some of their content. Personally I'm not really interested in photography, but still enjoyed their post on '50 different photography methods'. It's just such a good blog

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    hey mostly of your favourite blog is blog-resource blog hehe...

    my fav blog is submityourcontest because it's contain good info about contest. And some of my friend blog (in my languange)

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