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Thread: Your Favourite Blogging Applications

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    Your Favourite Blogging Applications

    I'm always looking for new applications, and I'm sure a lot of you are too.

    Post some helpful blogging/website development/writing applications.

    The Rules Are:

    1) You must say which platform it's for
    2) Whether It's Free or Not
    3) State the name & Description
    4) If you liked someone's list, click "Thank"
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    My Favourite:

    Cyberduck - Mac - A free FTP program. Very versatile.

    Qumana - Mac - A free blogging application. Can work very well, but only after you've gone through some set-up processes that can be confusing. - Mac/Windows - A free alternative to Word (Works just as well). Useful for writing posts.

    Dictionary - Mac - An application that comes free with Leopard, which has dictionaries to multiple sources and even a thesaurus.

    Writeroom - Mac (Windows?) - A free writing tool that provides a black background and space to type, taking away any distraction.

    Think - Mac (Windows?) - A free app that isolates applications (like writeroom does when writing something) to keep you focused.

    NewsFire - Mac - A free, and great, RSS feed subscriber/reader.
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  3. Not too much of an app guy but these are a few things I use regularly:

    CoreFTP - PC - Awesome and easy to use FTP client.

    Launchy - PC - Makes opening stuff faster and easier. I use it for opening PS, text files etc.

    JDarkRoom - PC - This application allows you to write more efficiently by removing all possible computer related distractions. You’re given an entirely blank page on which to type. This way, you’re not distracted by e-mail’s, or IM’s. When you’re done, you can save your work as a text file.

    All are free.
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    Umm...wordpress + firefox. Lol. I don't really use desktop clients for blogging.

    I use Cyberduck but that's not really for blogging so much so as design + dev.

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