Here are some tips when you send/get mails... make sure to read them once this can save a lot of time!

  1. Always add a subject to your mail, it makes it easier for the receiver to know where the mail is about
  2. Don't add unnecessary attachments, think about the receiver.. does he really need the attachment or not?
  3. Try to avoid the exclamation mark (!), only if it's very important.
  4. DON'T WRITE EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS, this ignores the reader and mostly this is seen as SPAM
  5. Re-read your email before sending it.. there might be some mistakes who make it very unprofessional
  6. Don't use smilies, business-people don't want to get thousands of in the emails..
  7. Remove long sentences; it's boring to read all those long sentences. Use shorter but to-the-point sentences instead
  8. Don't send your customers any spyware. It might be not your mistake, but you can loose big customers by adding spyware..
  9. Answer quickly. If your customer asks a question, try to answer within 4 hours. If it's longer than 24 hours, customers might think the company is 'dead'
  10. Always add the text 'Best regards, (name)'; 'Greetings, (name)' etc. at the end of your e-mail. This looks more professional and can make your customers more happy.

Hope there was some useful information in this post