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Thread: Achieve High Rankings by Using Your Existing PageRank as Leverage

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    Achieve High Rankings by Using Your Existing PageRank as Leverage

    Kandi Humpf of Search Engine Journal has written a good article to remind us that leveraging even the most basic SEO principles can still give us a valuable boost in the right direction.

    Here's an excerpt of the article:

    Use your content to your advantage. Pick out specific high-priority keywords and link to the appropriate pages. If your number one keyword phrase is “link architecture” and you have a page on your website that carries a PageRank of three, use the term link architecture in the first paragraph and link it to the appropriate page.

    Step One: Determine your most important keyword phrase. I use tools like Word Tracker, SEM Rush and Google AdWords External Keyword Tool.

    Here's the link:

    Achieve High Rankings by Using Your Existing PageRank as Leverage

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    This is the way we did PageRank sculpting before the nofollow attribute was invented.

    What was old is new again.
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