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  1. Advise needed ASAP

    Hello friends, I really need an advice on something. I had a while back got a free webhosting at Ipower from a very generous person at Digitalpoint in exchange of some services , he had not used it completely for a few days but he had already registered a free domain which comes along with that account. But uniquely he had registered a domain which is related to video niche. Since ipower doesnot provide ffmpeg support, I am really confused on how to make use of this domain.I cannot sell it since it is registered within the hosting itself, I cannot transfer it since transferring it will cost money nor can I think of making any kind of site with it.

    Can you help by giving some advise on how to make proper use of this domain

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    Looks like a pretty good name ( in my layman's opinion), but yep, it's very tightly defined as far as best use. Might be worth paying to transfer. Just my 2 cents, good luck with it.

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    Like mentioned above, if you really want to make a great online media project on it, you'd better pay for the domain transfer..

    You could also make use of online video websites allowing their visitors to embed videos for their website
    |Nico Lawsons

  4. I really do not want to make a online video site because my connection bandwidth will not support maintaining such kind of website. Well i am thinking of transferring it to some other domain registrar and then give it to somebody in exchange of any other domain or maybe sell it I consulted Ipower support and they said they initiate transfers for free, so which domain registrar has the cheapest domain transfer free? And how much should I ask for this domain if I want to sell it (Maybe any of you guys could take it) I need only money to cover the transfer fees and then to buy another domain

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