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    Analyze your Website | Gather Data

    Personally, I love to have my websites reviewed, critiqued and graded. I also love collecting massive amounts of data and sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and reading through it, analyzing it, interpreting it, and ultimately using it to improve my online efforts. I recommend these efforts to anyone who wants to make their website better!

    If you're not interested in giving out your e-mail address to these websites, check out for free disposable addresses - no registration or anything required.

    Here and some website analysis websites I use. They are all free:[/php]Monitor your site's uptime - click here.

    I also recommend editing your site's AboutUs Wiki Page:
    Wiki - AboutUs Wiki Page

    And submitting information here:
    Top Websites - Most Visited Websites - Website Ranking -

    Site Statistics / Analytics:

    Ping your Blog:
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