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Thread: any good out going tracking script ?

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    any good out going tracking script ?

    Looking for script that abt to track out going traffic .... anyone can help ?
    i think analytics have it but i just can't locate it

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    Hi, you can track outbound clicks with Google analytics, Google themsleves explain how to do it rather well:

    How do I track clicks on outbound links? - Analytics Help
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  3. With Yahoo Blog Log, you can track the number of outgoing links, and how many times they were clicked on.

    The free version of blog log only displays something like the top 10 outgoing links.

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    I'm not sure but the stats from cPanel should be able to do what you are looking for, but I think that analytics and similar tools are better for the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by logoonlinepros View Post
    Just simple make account on Google and use its free features which also include google analytic one of he most best and powerful traffic tracking tool.
    Google analytic provide you a script and then put it to your site.
    even easier, if u read this thread properly ...

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