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Thread: Article Writing Tips and Resources

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    Article Writing Tips and Resources

    Writing can be a very time consuming and daunting task, unless you have the appropriate tools and resources that can facilitate and speed up your work, helping you rid yourself of frustrations and unnecessary delays. Some of the most effective writing tips and resources are:

    • Use a well appointed Word Processor. If you don’t want to use Microsoft word, there are many other processors that can prove much less unwieldy. ‘Article writer’ is software specifically for writers; it can help even the amateur writers develop a gripping abstract. is also a website that offers a free and quite helpful word processor that promises to make writing easy and pleasant.

    • Use Article Formatter: Article formatting systems can rid you of many hassles related to article writing. If for instance you need a text of 75 characters an article formatter can make your life much easier. Ezine Ad Formatter, Format-It and Note Tab Light are quite dependable and user friendly solutions. FWOFormatter will also give you character and word count and help you format your document to the right width according to your needs.

    • Use Free references and Quotes. If you want to spice up your articles you can use the words of a wise and famous person. Motivating and HeartQuotes are excellent sources of inspiring words.

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    I think Will is using the site you posted, motivating quotes
    In a lot of his posts, he posts a quote from some old person who died 900 years ago

    Well, I'll check that site too, might be usefull!

    Thanks for all your informative posts btw!

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    I think Will is using the site you posted, motivating quotes
    In a lot of his posts, he posts a quote from some old person who died 900 years ago
    I tend to use Famous Quote. You may recognize the template.
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