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    Article Writing - Walkthrough

    If you're a good writer and enjoy doing it, a good way to make some extra
    money is to do it for other people. Loads of people hire writers to write
    reviews and content for their websites, blogs, and product descriptions. All
    you have to do is find a buyer and they'll give you a list of article titles
    to write, a subject (like tech articles) to come up with your own titles, or
    they'll send you a link to a website (usually about a product) and tell you
    to write about it.

    Looking For Clients
    Search NetBuilders for people hiring writers and either post in the forum or
    contact them via PM. Alternatively, you can start a new thread and let the
    buyers come to you. The market's pretty competitive so you have the choice of
    several variables that will catch people's attention. The first is quality: A
    lot of non-English people work cheap, but have a horrible understanding of
    English and so they're quality suffers. Some buyers don't care because they
    just want to fill their website. Other people, however, want high quality
    articles to sell a product or to interest the reader. If you offer high
    quality service, then these people will be more likely to hire you. The
    second thing is price: If you can't offer quality, or simply don't want to,
    you could lower your prices to compete with the market. The average cost per
    word used to be 2 cents; now 1 cent per word is hard to come by. People in
    poorer countries write for $0.003 USD per word. That means that they have to
    write 3 words just to make 1 cent. They can do this because in their country,
    USD is worth a lot more. Here in the civilized world, though, we just can't
    afford to work that cheap. Who knows, maybe the price will go back up.
    Anyway, the third variable is turn around time. Turn around time is how fast
    you can take in the order and produce a finished product. Depending on
    whether you have another job, kids, a dog, whatever: you can work as much or
    as little as you want. Some people want their articles within hours, some in
    days, others don't care when they're finished. The sooner you can finish
    their articles, though, the more likely you will be to get hired by that
    person again.

    Writing The Articles
    When you're actually writing the articles, you will need to research, plan,
    and write however many words the buyer wants and as many subjects as the
    buyer wants. The easiest way to do it is to just write out several titles for
    your key points and then do research on each topic. Try to keep the research
    under 10 minutes though so that way you have plenty of time to write the
    article and turn it in and keep your turn around time low.

    Flipping Articles
    Another great way to make some money through articles is article flipping. I
    don't know if anyone else is doing this but I figured if I'm only doing so
    many articles while the cheaper writers are getting all the customers, then I
    could make a butt load of money by buying articles from the cheaper writers
    and selling to the high-pay buyers. There's several problems with this,
    though. The writers who work cheaper produce shittier articles and that's why
    the high-pay buyers don't buy from them. They pay extra to make sure they get
    good quality from an English-speaking writer.

    Looking for Clients
    Generally to flip articles you'll need to find lots of clients because you
    need lots of articles in order to make a profit. This can either be done by
    finding a great number of buyers or simply a few solid buyers who buy large
    quantities at a time. For instance, many of my clients buy articles in
    batches of 25 or more articles at a time. If you sold each article at 1 cent
    per word and bought them at .005 cents per word then you make half the
    profit. Say if you had 25 articles to do at 300 words each then you're making
    $1.50 each article. That's $37.50 for the batch and you don't have to do any
    of the actual writing. This means that you don't have to put in the time to
    make the money, so you could have several of these deals going on at the same
    time. Keep in mind, though, that you will have to make sure that your cheap
    writers have good enough quality, proper English, and fast turnaround time.
    You may have to go through each article that you get and correct any spelling
    or grammar errors and make sure the article makes sense.

    When you're buying the articles, there is a standard procedure you must go
    through. Ask the writer for their price, give them an idea of the work they
    would be doing, ask for turnaround time, and ask for samples of their
    previous work. If all checks out then you can hire them. It's up to you
    whether you want to be professional or friendly, but generally if you're more
    professional then they'll work harder. I've noticed that when you establish a
    friendship rather than a business relationship, people tend to be more
    comfortable about their work and think they can push off the deadline for a
    few days.

    Hopefully you will become prosperous in the article career. Remember, it's
    all a matter of how much time you put into it and how much effort you're
    willing to put forth to accomplish your goals. Set deadlines for yourself and
    set income goals like "this week I'm going to make $500" and then do it. Get
    rid of any distractions like the tv or other people. Some people work better
    with music playing, other people work better in silence. Figure out what
    works best for you and stick to that.

    Best of luck,
    Brandon Dennis
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