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Thread: Artisteer: a Quick Review

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    Artisteer: a Quick Review

    Artisteer is an innovative software program that helps create quick and easy templates. What sets this platform apart is the fact that you don’t need to have a lot of know-how in terms of web design. Artisteer can be used by coding experts and newbies alike. For the latter, the program itself guides you through thte steps of creating a template. The former can tweak or try out new design layouts and hone it to a professional, polished look.

    Again, Artisteer isn’t at all hard to use, as a small number of steps can already result in a decent template. The template can incorporate various items such as buttons, graphics, backgrounds, and other elements that you can choose from within the proprietary software. A nice touch is the ability to create a sample for testing before you actually place it on the website.

    Artisteer utilizes HTML code as well as CSS to create templates. The code actually works, aside from making your design look smooth and far from amateur. The themes that you develop with Artisteer are compatible with existing platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, and SiteStudio; and also cross-compatible with various Internet browsers. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, or what browsers your prospective viewers will be using, Artisteer covers a lot of ground.

    With a programs such as this which was designed with ease of use in mind (as even users without knowledge of coding can quickly create and publish a site template), a lot of pros and cons are apparent.

    How Artisteer Works

    Creating a theme with Artisteer is real simple. To develop a Drupal theme, follow the steps below:

    • Choose the CMS theme. Upon initializing the application, it displays a straightforward interface inquiring the kind of theme you wish to build on, the options being Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress.
    • As soon as the CMS theme has been selected, Artisteer comes up with a randomly-created theme as a springboard for you to launch from. You can simply make small changes in the template at this point, or totally revamp the output, depending on your needs or your grasp of the software.

    The whole process can be explained in a few words: choose the theme type (Drupal, in this case), click on the ‘Export’ option, and save. You now have a Drupal template. Again, it would be best to tweak the output accordingly, but in essence, you already have a workable theme. This attests to the Zen-like workings of Artisteer.

    The team behind Artisteer has built its software interface based on MS. This improves the interface’s ‘user-friendliness’ as a lot of users are already familiar with MS Office, and only need to work with the program a bit to navigate it successfully.

    Artisteer Pros and Cons

    The theme generator is available for purchase and a 30-day free trial. The free download variant has many of the features of the program, although one downside is that the themes you develop with the free version integrate watermarks in your finished template. To maximize the program and essentially come up with better-looking themes, I suggest that you obtain the standard version. The price tag on this software is quite reasonable, as even a couple of site themes generated will recoup the cost of purchase.

    Also, if you have even the most minimal knowledge in terms of coding, you may find yourself wanting to augment or flat-out change a number of facets of the finished template. The early version does not give such options to users currently, so these issues are (as of the moment) addressed primarily by user support. Artisteer users basically work with the program, and through trial and error, find out what works and what doesn’t; and then share their findings with each other afterwards. Artisteer has informed the public that the lack in terms of functionality will be addressed soon, although no specific time frames or dates have been announced.


    • Simple Installation
    • Great Design Control (Standard variant)
    • Ease of Theme Generation
    • Intuitive Interface
    • Robust Demo Version


    • Limited Control (Free Edition)
    • Weak Support for Custom Positions or Modules
    • Limited Width Template Support


    Especially if you hit a creative block and are at a loss for new concepts, Artisteer is a useful tool to help you come up with fresh designs and implementing them. It isn’t to master if you’re a relative novice, and will help you expand your horizons if you have working HTML knowledge. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, as advantages are apparent to anyone who wants to try out the program.

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    I bought artisteer few weeks back. I have to say, that it is awesome. I still haven't done any complete templates, just experimenting with the program.

    Thanks Karl for your review.

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    Same here! I made one and used it initially...then I decided to go with a free one til I learned all of the gotchas with Wordpress so I could properly code hack the Artisteer output! I didn't find any issues with the one I made and it was easy to use, but my look and feel was so 1990's I changed out to the UDP Money Maker theme. I'm definitely using Artisteer for other non-wordpress designs though prior to sucking into Dreamweaver! So much easier to use for the design phase!
    Cheers, James

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