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  1. Bad Websites

    Bad Websites
    Bad websites are popping up all over the internet and making it an uglier place to surf, websites particularly on free webhost solutions can be subject to ugly bright layouts with annoying beginner HTML that just gets in the way. Websites like this existed in bulk throughout the 90s but since the invention of templates, free web designs and content management systems there is no real excuse for it anymore.
    An example of a site like this is: . This site was created to be an example of a bad website and it has descriptions of why to help beginner web designers with HTML. It boasts many unsightly or annoying features such as:

    • Flash background animation that’s badly designed and does not fit the colour scheme of the site.
    • Bright colour scheme that does not match.
    • Bright and sometimes unreadable font s.
    • Animated header and main title that distracts the user from the content.
    • Unnecessary ads.
    • Frame system that is out dated and not needed.
    • Combinations of bad backgrounds with bad fonts on top.
    • Popup and examples of trickery ads.
    • No proper footer or summary of site information.
    • Broken links or images.
    • Misspellings and bad grammar.

    Any of these design choices above are enough to put a user off a site, but with a serious site using all of them it would be lucky to get any users giving more than one hit for a non laughing purpose at all.
    The ways I would improve this site:

    • Make the banner text static (not animated) and tone down the background colour for the banner.
    • Remove the background animation and change the background colour to white.
    • Remove the side frame as it serves no real purpose and just makes the site uglier.
    • Remove the ads at the top and remove the fake ads in the middle and any popups.
    • Make all the text on the site main frame static.
    • Fix any broken hyperlinks or images or remove them if dead.
    • Add a proper informative footer to the page.
    • Set all the portions of text to a proper colour scheme.

    These edits and additions to the site page would tidy it up and make it a reasonable beginner site; though implementing a proper from scratch layout using CSS styles would be the best way to give the site an update to the web of today.

    Written By me Enjoy Netbuilders

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    I'm not a designer, as I have my own personal designer (misstemplates) but you're listing a few hints which will surely help me when I'm choosing for a template next time!

    Thanks mate!
    |Nico Lawsons

  4. That site covers some good points on basic web development. I do not know how many times I have reviewed a site and could barely read the text - mainly because it blended into the background too much. If that is the first thing I noticed, what about the developer? Did they even look at the site before they asked for a review?

  5. Hi,

    Complete article is good but few points are very effective like avoiding flash etc.

    Thanks for share this informative article with us.


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    informative article bud, though am having my own designing resources, I may have a look at it, thanks for sharing. It' s effective..

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