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Thread: Best blogging site?

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    No one can beat Wordpress! It has so many features with themes and plugins which you cannot find in any other blog provider.

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    Aside from blogger, are the following:

    movable type

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    blogger is a good free one but you can also try wordpress, livejournal, and typepad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Desan View Post
    I have made couple of free blogs with blogger. I really like it. I think it is much easier to use than wordpress. But that might be because I' not used to work with wordpress.
    If I will ever do another blog. I will get my own hosting and run worpress on it.
    But I'm not int blogging that much. (Too time consuming.)
    A bog advantage of using the free blogs is that you can create a site targeted to a keyword and you still have control of the content. As opossed to giving the content away to one of the free article sites.

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    Blogspot is good for beginners only. I recommend wordpress for Advanced users.

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    I have several blogs using blogger and i didn't find it difficult to use, wordpress blog is also good and seo friendly.

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    Easily Wordpress no question. It's got tons of free themes, free modules, and it's really easy to create themes from scratch as well! There's tons of documentation and it allows for complete customization of the system, unlike Blogger which still has kiddy gloves on.

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    Godaddy is also a nice option for you , I think.

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    I never use anything else other than self hosted wordpress. There isnt anything else you would need to use... honestly it's the best.

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