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Thread: Best Dating Site Script?

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    Best Dating Site Script?

    I am thinking of starting a locally targeted dating site.

    Any recommendations on which script I should use? Price is not a problem.

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    There appears to be a lot of really low-quality software in that niche.

    vldpersonals is one package that has been recommended to me.

    Other options include:

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    Anyone else used any of these dating scripts on a site? I would really like to get feedback from someone with first hand experience.


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    You really want to go into dating sites?
    There are so many now.

    I made a search here locally, and I found 435,932 dating sites for Seymour...between Maryville and Kodak...562 of them are for black jewish midgets looking for Trisomic Alaskian Indian ladies with red hair only, living in this area...

    I think dating is saturated...
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    Well it's not saturated where I am now... and I can see a good market for it.

    In any case, mostly looking for advice on which script to use.

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