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Thread: Which is the best way to Interlink Network of Sites.

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    Which is the best way to Interlink Network of Sites.


    Suppose you have 5 websites A,B,C,D,E and want to interlink all.

    then what is the best way to interlink all of this to build nature link in google eye.

    Please suggest me.
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  2. You could do the same thing with one site as you could with 5. The network will only be as valuable the sum on the links pointing in. So you could point links to each of the 5 sites from the outside of the network, or you could focus on pointing links from the outside to your primary site. You'll be more likely to get a good pagerank and traffic this second way.

    Now assuming you already have a site that is doing really well and you want to start a couple more sites, then you can point links from your high traffic or high pagerank site to the newer or smaller sites to give them a boost.
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    One of the highlights on this that seems common when you research the topic is to avoid too many link "cycles" within your network. IE, if you were to draw a graph of your link architecture, you want it to flow more in a tree nature (say a to b, a to c, b to d, c to e, with some cross linking being ok, but not a ton and the more authoritative site(s) being on the left or top of your graph. Going a to b,c,d,e, and b,c,d,e to a seems to be the point to avoid.

    I've not done much scientific testing on the matter personally (I just avoid too many cycles across my sites), but the gent who does SEO in AZ on this forum (forget his name on here) has a good post on helping a client out who had too many recipricol links in a mini-network that resulted in an increase in his (the client's) SERPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post

    then what is the best way to interlink all of this to build nature link in google eye.

    Please suggest me.
    This topic just came up in another thread. But I think that it's more useful to discuss it here.

    The answer to your question is that you need to think like a Google engineer. Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself:

    1) Is the link relevant to my niche?

    I think that you can't fool Google and the abc way of linking is detectable. Rather, I would think of the concept of hubs and authorities. The hub sites link to the authorities. Some sites can be both authorities and hubs in the same topics.

    2) Does the link benefit my users?

    The question of link benefit my users is an important one. Having 5 sites cross linked with essentially the same product/content but with different themes is spa*m. But let's say you have a website about Vermont Travel crosslinked to a website selling maple syrup, another site on Vermont Skiing and a third for a Vermont Hotel. I think that it smells o.k. as opposed to 5 sites selling maple syrup that are cross linked.

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