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Thread: Blog vs Forum

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    Guys I really couldnt understand the difference between a blog and a forum! Can anybody please explain me thoroughly??
    A forum is used for discussion, while a blog is used by a blogger to air personal opinion or disseminate information

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    Forums are a community oriented discussion platform that is often described as a many-to-many discussion area. Anyone can make topics and anyone can reply.

    Blogs are more personal. Individual users control their blogs. They can create topics and others can reply provided they have permission from the owner. This is a one-to-many discussion platform. Blogs also allow the user to customize the experience in different ways, essentially creating their own space on the internet.

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    On your blog only you can create topics,on a forum everyone can create a topic

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    Forums and Blogs has its own specialization with their respective field and you can use this as an advantage to gain popularity and promotions to your targeted visitors.

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