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Thread: Blog vs Forum

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    Blog vs Forum

    Guys I really couldnt understand the difference between a blog and a forum! Can anybody please explain me thoroughly??

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    I could write an essay on this subject, but I think the best answer is here:

    Blog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Internet forum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    And examples.. you can find them here:

    ShoeMoney® - Its Like Fishing With Dynamite
    PhoNuts Photoshop Tutorials - A passion to create the best free adobe photoshop tutorials available online.

    It's mostly just the owner that posts messages, and people commenting the posts from the owner.

    NetBuilders - We Build The Net
    Webmaster Forum - Internet Marketing & Search Engine Forums

    It's a place where users & owners come together, they post with eachother and giving comments on eachother..

    But Wiki is better than my comment ofcourse

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Blog - It is place where you can upload your content and others will only have access to comment on your contents.

    Forums - Forums are place where people discuss about particular things related. It is place where you can ask anything which is related to the theme of the Forum. You need to remain in Policy of forum and you cannot spam them. In case you start spamming them then your account get blocked.

    You might be confused with the discussion part as we can discuss everything on blog then what is the need of forums? Forums allows you to discuss with other members with quotes but this cannot be found in blogs.

    Similarity - Blogs and Forums can be no-follow as well as do-follow. Blogs can be free to use and your are free to upload any type of contents but to build a forum you need money.

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    Simply put, blogs are centered around one person/group while forums are centered around many.
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  6. Blog - only you create topics

    Forum - all members can create topics.

    Forums seem a little more difficult to run then blogs. Mainly because your looking for new members to join the forum. While on a blog, you might just be looking for comments or total traffic.

  7. Sometimes the best combination is to run both. First try to blog with a lot of unique and useful content and then as the readership grows set up a forum for them. It depends on the topic though.

  8. Hi,

    Very simple answer by me that forums is much effective than blog.

    Yes, i did both for my site but forums give me more response than blog sites.


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    Blog is like your personal diary and forum is your local coffee shop/cafe.

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    Blog is for yourself, where you update and ur visitors comments.
    Forum is for anyone can make post and anyone ccan join in start commenting.
    lol that made me confused, both sounds same.
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