Blogging has become extremely fashionable as a tool of personal expression and business marketing. If you are among those who struggle to find the balance between the demands of blogging and your personal abilities, here are some blogging tips for you.

  • Discover what your readers want. If you want to boost your exposure and visibility then you need to find out what people are searching for. Research your topics well; if you are not sure what to write about, try to input the root keyword on particular keyword research tools that exist today. This will give you an idea of what people are looking for when using the search engines. can provide you with such tools. Furthermore, keep in mind that people like ‘How to’ articles and posts and they also like lists, stories and short anecdotes.

  • Write naturally with the reader in mind. Try to avoid stuffing your blog with keywords because the post will be unreadable and unpleasant. Words need to flow and produce a gripping, informative and entertaining result. Since keywords are important to search engines and their results, try to use them smartly: Include the primary keyword in the title of your blog and the first paragraph, if possible among the first thirty words. Well appointed and prominent keywords are much more effective.

  • ·Write catchy titles. Keep in mind that not all readers read the entire blog post, especially if it is long. If you use an attractive and intriguing title and use subtitles for your paragraphs it is most likely that you will catch the readers’ eye. Write short paragraphs and short sentences, but try to maintain a conversational tone. Not everyone likes reading complicated abstracts or attacking posts.

  • Publish often but publish less than you write. Productivity and creativity are not always associated. It’s recommended to skip a day if you don’t feel inspired enough; it’s better to maintain quality rather than quantity, because this is what your readers cherish the most. If, one day, you feel very productive, you should write more so as to make up for the dry days.