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Thread: Blogging Tips for Bloggers

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    Blogging Tips for Bloggers

    Blogging has become extremely fashionable as a tool of personal expression and business marketing. If you are among those who struggle to find the balance between the demands of blogging and your personal abilities, here are some blogging tips for you.

    • Discover what your readers want. If you want to boost your exposure and visibility then you need to find out what people are searching for. Research your topics well; if you are not sure what to write about, try to input the root keyword on particular keyword research tools that exist today. This will give you an idea of what people are looking for when using the search engines. can provide you with such tools. Furthermore, keep in mind that people like ‘How to’ articles and posts and they also like lists, stories and short anecdotes.

    • Write naturally with the reader in mind. Try to avoid stuffing your blog with keywords because the post will be unreadable and unpleasant. Words need to flow and produce a gripping, informative and entertaining result. Since keywords are important to search engines and their results, try to use them smartly: Include the primary keyword in the title of your blog and the first paragraph, if possible among the first thirty words. Well appointed and prominent keywords are much more effective.

    • ·Write catchy titles. Keep in mind that not all readers read the entire blog post, especially if it is long. If you use an attractive and intriguing title and use subtitles for your paragraphs it is most likely that you will catch the readers’ eye. Write short paragraphs and short sentences, but try to maintain a conversational tone. Not everyone likes reading complicated abstracts or attacking posts.

    • Publish often but publish less than you write. Productivity and creativity are not always associated. It’s recommended to skip a day if you don’t feel inspired enough; it’s better to maintain quality rather than quantity, because this is what your readers cherish the most. If, one day, you feel very productive, you should write more so as to make up for the dry days.

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    Blog Promotion and Auto-Detection

    The use of vibrant graphics identifying RSS feed presence is widespread for most websites with existing RSS feeds. At first, the graphics were composed of brilliant orange rectangles. As the practice has evolved, webmasters have made the graphics more complex.

    NotePage is an example of software developed to create RSS graphics. It has created a free RSS graphics tool which gives users the ability to customize buttons with the selection of text and color motifs. After entering the text and color, custom graphics are immediately created. This allows webmasters to coordinate the styles of RSS buttons to a website’s overall theme.

    Expertise in graphics is no longer necessary due to tools such as these. One can insert text and choose alternate colors for personalization of RSS feed graphics. Click on the URL Free RSS Graphic Tool to use the RSS graphics tool. Access ready-to-use graphics at

    To automatically detect existing RSS feeds for the material contained within a certain website, one should incorporate information in the website’s HTML code. As a result, aggregators will automatically identify RSS on a site with the addition of some code in an HTML page’s header – [link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml”title=”RSS”href=]

    It is essential to inform users of the existence of an RSS feed after publishing. Exchange with the RSS feed URL. Interchange the brackets with “less than” (<) and “greater than” (>) symbols.

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    Blog Promotion using RSS Feeds

    Once you have created a blog, you can make its presence known over the Internet. Many blog services produce RSS feeds. You can utilize software such as FeedForAll to generate a feed if the blogging platform you use does not create it. RSS is rising in status and is a good way of promoting a new blog.

    The idea behind syndication is relatively simple. The practice permits publishers to disseminate content for presentation in a different context or location. Publishers can conveniently produce and distribute feeds which include headlines, associated links, and blog summaries. RSS is an established standard of syndication that has made its way into the mainstream. Various kinds of information are available for access through the syndication format.

    There are many blog search engines and blog directories that accept blog submissions. RSS Submissions has a good list of sites which permit RSS feed submissions and blog submissions.

    There are also search engines and RSS feed directories such as Give your RSS feeds’ URL to the RSS search engines provided on the RSS specifications site.

    You can use Blog and RSS Submit Software by Dummy Software to automate the submissions of your RSS feed and blog. Go to

    Similar to a website, choosing the proper category for your blog is essential. Employ a comprehensible title containing descriptive and clear details. Your title should also be as precise as possible – do not make it excessively lengthy. The blog description should expound on the theme and general purpose behind your blog. Include keywords that are central to the blog theme as part of the title and its description. This will attract visitors who are legitimately interested in your blog’s contents.

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    Posting Press Releases for your Blog

    Posting Press Releases Online

    You can create a press release to promote your blog on the Internet. Make sure to keep objective. Post the release using press release directories. The directories will endow your new blog with links and help jumpstart its popularity. A number of sites offer posting at no cost. Publications searching for filler content or information usually pick up releases from these free sites. Higher link recognition is an added benefit to listings like these – this helps your site’s search engine ranking. Enter ‘press release ranking’ in your search engine’s search bar. You can find some sites that allow posting of press releases. An example of a site would be Software Marketing Resource for software developers, authors and software publishers.

    Posting Announcements on Usenet

    Various Usenet groups offer services such as press release or announcement posting. Most announcement groups on Usenet have ‘ann.’ in their domain addresses. Browse through different Usenet groups if your site or blog concentrates on a distinct topic. Check out sites like to find groups dedicated to certain topics.

    Posting on Forums

    You can also post announcements in forum sections. Look for topic-specific forums and the common software announcement forums indicated below. These are especially useful if your application is a niche product. Post your announcements in the ‘announce forum.’

    The following are URLs of related blog forums. Some of these allow announcement posting.

    Feed Favorites –
    Blog Announcements – Forum4Bloggers :: View Forum - Your Announcements
    Got Blog? – Blogomania ::
    Blog or Software Announcements – Software Marketing Resource Forum &bull; Information

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    Blogging Tips for Bloggers

    Blogs have quickly become a main-stay of online culture.

    Starting a blog is simple, there's a number of free services that allow you to create your own blog, but wordpress is probably the most popular, and with good reason. It's a stable, full-featured platform that's easy to use.

    Pick a topic and stick to it. Focus on a niche will allow you to get deeper into the subject which in turn should attract a more stable audience. Be sure to encourage feedback from your readers and make it a point to respond to all of them. It's especially important to do this in the beginning.

    Further timing is also important as newspapers an magazines, both of which revolve around print deadlines. Information is collected and printed at specific times, and people know to expect as much. Blogs are all about immediate gratification. Write a post as soon as the idea strikes you. Do your best to avoid half baked writing, but urgency is key. If you don't write about it soon, everyone else will.

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    Some good info in this thread. I will emphasize that consistency is the key to gaining a large readership and the more often you post = more results you will see.

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    Wow... a pretty information-packed thread... yes I agree with sturat, you need to focus on what your readers want to read, that way they will always coming back. In my case, I need to keep coding - posting new glype themes consistently, and yes as long as I post themes, they are coming back.


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    Everything is so simple, yet so complicated at the same time.

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    I'm pretty convinced that we bloggers need to produce outstanding posts to show up in the sea of noise and stay there.

    So a blog post should aim to be linkable by web surfers. By this I mean that it must serve as a valuable resource that people seeking our information will naturally bookmark and recommend to others.

    I was about to post this info. as a blog post to my own site when I realized that it would not meet my new standards.

    Another idea is to keep on improving existing posts since producing a very comprehensive initial post on a topic is hard.

    So at the very least, go beyond the level that your competitors did in terms of blog posts.

    For example, if you have an idea to post a link to a YouTube video of a band, why not write your review of the song and link to related news and insert images etc.

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    This site has been a great resource in finding out how to properly navigate the social media waters with the intent of creating content, meeting great people, and extending a brand.

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