Hello everyone,

I've been working as a freelance writer for some years now, and I've help write SEO-optimized content content and naturally spilled into SEO link building for other people. I'm a newbie to internet marketing because I don't have my own sites, but I still feel a bit more advanced because I know a bit more than most newbies about linkbuilding, SEO, and so on because I've worked behind the scenes for other people.

My question is, would I be penalized for building multiple new sites at once? I have a list of various niches I want to target to reach my IM goals, and I plan to focus on 7 to 10 new sites at a time every two to three months.

My common sense tells me as long as ensure my sites are top notch in quality and don't participate in anything shady, I have nothing to worry about. However, my paranoia tells me to go slow. I don't want to risk getting smacked by the big G because of some advanced algorithm.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...