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Thread: Case study: building an authority site

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    After screening the content sources for length of posts, and manual selection, I was down to 1.2% of the original list of feed URLs, and still some clean-up of the content is needed. So it looks like I will use the automated tools to filter lists of blogs down to a list that can be manually edited.

    I feel that it is important to have high quality content on the site, so no 100% automated solution is going to work. There will have to be manual editing of what the tools suggest would be good content.

    The content that I am talking about will be blog post excerpts displayed in a widget, with links to the full post on the external blog.

    So this is a way to get a big chunk of relevant text content (to the tune of around 1000 words) on the web page to mix with the text-light content of the rest of the page.
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    Still working on the back end, currently: member management.

    My website will be member-driven, so I am making it as easy as possible to join the site. So a call to action to Join is presented high up on the home page.

    The first option is to join via Facebook. This makes it dead easy for FB users to join, but they need to agree to allow access to their FB data. And then there is the traditional email subscribe form.

    Check out for a good way to present these two ways to join a site.

    Later I may look into how to authenticate users using other social media APIs such as Twitter. This helps to avoid having to use email.

    Reference link:
    Getting Started with the Facebook SDK for PHP - Facebook Developers
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    Project Planning
    - gantt charts

    For project planning, I think that the gantt chart is the best tool, and it is very easy to implement in a spread sheet. Here is my basic example that I knocked up before breakfast today:

    List tasks in the first column, have a time line, and color-code the status of each task such as completed, critical, yet to do etc. For more advanced versions, you would include resource allocations etc.

    Reference link:
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    Social media traffic attack strategy:

    * Set up the site to be mobile friendly as a priority - test on an iPhone and Android device
    * Implement the various social site sharing and sign-up methods to make it easy to join/share
    * Link out to influencers such as current blogs that are being updated
    * Post content to relevant forums, blogs, and social media sites to garner interest
    * Register with content-sharing networks, and post content to them

    This is the first stage of traffic generation once the site is functional. Since it's a membership site, the idea is to hook in first-time visitors to stay with the site and not have to rely on organic SE traffic.
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  5. If you're going to tackle building a good authority site be sure it has a good silo structure. Structuring a large site is becomes extremely important for SEO purposes.

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    If you're going to tackle building a good authority site be sure it has a good silo structure. Structuring a large site is becomes extremely important for SEO purposes.
    You can have an XML site map to list all URLs on the site for SEO. For user navigation of a large site, it needs some planning to let visitors access the best content such as categories, latest posts, hot topics, search this site etc.

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    The summer holidays got in the way of my progress, but I have got most of the back-end in place.

    I am making use of social media profile photos to make it easy for members to utilize their existing profile pics for my site. I copy these images to my server to avoid having to continually pull content from these external sources and allow them to track member activity. But, there is also an image upload facility.

    I am implementing some concepts that are popular with social media sites, such as who you are following (with suggestions of who to follow), and people who are following you. This should help to build the community spirit. And later, work on GEO-influencing the networking of members (since the initial suggestions may be random).

    So not much extra to report yet. Need to get a solid back-end in place ahead of a marketing push to get users on board.

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