For those of you that did not know this, under each video on youtube is a Statistics & Data drop down menu. What it does, it shows the top 10 sites that have embedded the video.

Youtube has recently made some changes to that feature.

The old way - you could see the URL of the page that embedded the video. This gave you deep nofollow links from youtube.

You could take videos that have been viewed just a few times, embed them into your site. And if they are watched enough from your page, you show up on the top 10 list. Even though the link was "nofollow" - some search engines still followed the links. But the link did not count towards your google page rank.

The new way - just shows the website name, no link and no URL.

The new way is going to make it difficult for video bloggers to see who is embedding their videos and what the videos are being used for. And no more deep links to your inner pages.

Even though the links where "nofollow" - they were still a link.

It appears that the only way to get a link from youtube now, is to have it on your profile page, or in the video description. Which is good in away. As it will keep the leaches from getting free deep links from your video.