Barry Welford at BPWrap has written an article that pushes past the conventional Content vs Inbound Links debates in an attempt to focus more clearly on a third pillar of SEO, site architecture.

Although the article doesn't delve very deeply into architecture, the author does give a few decent examples of tools and areas that can help publishers optimize and validate their sites.

Note: This would be a great opportunity for some of the more senior Netbuilder's to contribute their own validation ideas, tools, tips, and tricks to members who are new to this game. If you have an architecture validation utility or technique that you'd like to share, definitely post it in this thread!

Excerpt of the article:
The third leg of the tripod is the website architecture. It deserves equal effort as illustrated in the following table, which is derived from a chart in an article on Key SEO Services. In this table, the Plus value is a reminder of the Upsides that can be created by working on this aspect. The Minus value indicates the Downsides if this aspect is handled poorly.

Content May Be The SEO King But Check The Palace Architecture | BPWrap