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Thread: Did Anything happen on May 20th with Searches

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    Here is the answer. There was a Panda 4.0 update that hit on May 20.

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    I checked my traffic for May and found that some sites lost thousands of visitors, while other gained thousands.
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    Now forget May.
    June 2nd....
    Each of my blogs lost half of normal visitors!

    June 3rd.....
    Each of my blogs got back to normal.

    So what happened June 2nd?

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    I have also huge decreased in traffic from that said date and I think its the Panda 4.0 update nothing else.

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    Thinking about it, we should be more concerned about the stats of our website goals such as earnings or new subscribers. Web site traffic can be flattering but ultimately worthless unless it converts to our goals. For example, much of our traffic could be from content-scraping bots. If that traffic reduced by half it would be a good thing maybe (unless you benefit by having your content scraped)?

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    Well thanks Guys Now we know for I as at a loss.

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