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Thread: Do you know how much is your website/blog worth?

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    my Glype Theme Collection worth $ 84,170 hahahaha... if only it's a real assesment...

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    Yeah something is wrong, all my sites are $xx,xxx range.
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    Looks true.. Valuation Rs 438,408.41

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    Here is worth for every of my site.

    Domain: 10$
    Hosting: 30$
    Work on it: 100$
    Content: number of articles * 4$
    Extra: earnings per month * 12

    However I can ask more money if I like the site, if I have extra visitors, if site is natural so it receive traffic without working on it.

    If buyers dont like that, they can go on DP and find some cool sites for themselfs.

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    How are you going to put an amount of your site?

    As you we all know, every site has a price, but in reality, there is no 'set' or 'standard' value for a certain site as compared to a set value on Forex or interest rates. A site is actually valued based on the buyer’s perception, the market movement or how the market feels about the site and how you market your site and where to sell your site. The above value computation is easier said than done for me. This is what I understood on dealing with the valuing of a site. One good method in valuing a site is the need to locate thousands of for-sale similar sites and make a comparison on it.

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    Hmm. I'm curious to find out how much my site is really worth.

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    Wow... they all look so good to be true

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    These sites like NetBuilders are very rich on amount estimation. What I analyze on how much is your site worth is based on your hardwork on design, content and any features that will make your website very expensive.
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  9. The only real value of a site is what a buyer will offer you, and that is most often based entirely upon profit.

    Design, content, features, and traffic are all just noise.
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    Lol it come out with unbelievable figure, interesting


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