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Thread: Ecommerce Script - Easy to Modify

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    Ecommerce Script - Easy to Modify

    I import items and sell them on a site called TradeMe (similar to eBay). I want to create a website where I can also sell items. I already have a script that manages all my stock and listings for me but I need an ecommerce script that I could easily modify to implement my stock management script into (so when someone buys something off of TradeMe, the stock goes away from the site).

    What script would you suggest I build my website on bearing in mind my requirements?
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  2. I'd start by looking at the TradeMe NZ Auctions plugin for osCommerce.

    This script pulls your auctions from TradeMe and displays them on your own osCommerce site.
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    I'd use Joomla and implement Virtue Mart plugin. That way your template is very customizable. Problem with some of those other ecommerce scripts is they aren't very customizable. They all look the same

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