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Thread: Email List Building Idea

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    Email List Building Idea

    Just wrote this post with a couple of ideas to help boost your email list building efforts.
    Most of us own websites, or at least plan to, right? Right.

    The usual deal is that visitors will come along, read our stuff and then (probably) hit the back button tocarry on down the SERPs consuming more info. I mean, if we’re lucky they will hang around for a bit, read more of our awesome content, maybe even opt-in to our list etc, that’s the generally what happens right?

    Ya see, I’ve been thinking about ways that can help visitors see the benefits of our products/services a bit clearer and actively engage with the sales process a little better..
    Continued Getting Your List Building Mojo On | Mick Meaney - Internet Marketing Strategies

    Hope ya find it useful.

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    That's a good post overall, but with the competition for your examples I think it would be damn hard to let someone sign up to let them know their results

    On the other hand, here are a few suggestions:
    Have you thought about a favicon?
    Use 'you' and not 'ya', it's more professional. (same for 'dunno' etc)
    Other than that some grammatical errors, but I'm from Belgium and my English is far from perfect (good) too -- but keep working on it!

    Thanks for the read though, keep posting!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Cheers man, I don't care too much about grammar, spelling and professionalism on my personal site because that stuff takes up enough of my time on RINF.
    My personal blog is more laid back and a bit slap-dash - it's not a work/money site.

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