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Thread: Five Ways to Speed Up Page Response Times

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    Five Ways to Speed Up Page Response Times

    Just found this article on about how to make your pages load faster.

    You can see the list at:

    Anyone has other tips to share?

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    Wow been looking for this, you can also have LIVEPHP but requires more skill to carry out - but gives cool live stats!


  3. Clean up your code.
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    Reduce javascript files
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    Trying to improve your website? Have you done an analysis yet?

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    Speedup your site

    If youre hosting you site on Apache, use one of these methods inside the .htaccess file to speed up your site

    search on Google for: "Easy Apache Speed Tips"

    and simpli follow links at the bottom of the page.

    Other thing is you could use a PHP script to minimise and concate all css files into one cached file and it works for javascript files too

    search Google for: "minify - Google Code"

    And set up some caching

    This will considerably speed up response time and lessen the server load.

    (I would like to post links but have to wait till I have 5 posts posted)

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    Here are the liks

    Apache .htaccess setup
    Remove ETag Headers to Speed up Apache – Easy Apache Speed Tips

    Minify - css and javascript concator and minimizer
    minify - Google Code

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    WP plugin for integrating the minify engine

    here is a plugin for wordpress that uses minify engine to combine and minify js and css files

    WordPress › WP Minify WordPress Plugins

    And here is a plugin that does it all

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