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Thread: Frequency of Google site listing updates

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    Frequency of Google site listing updates

    Having recently updated a couple of my websites or got some new domain indexed, I see old content in the search engine index. I wonder how long it takes to see fresh content indexed?

    I am guessing that the algorithm tries to establish how frequently your content is updated and how important your site is, based on it's authority.

    So a website that may have been static for months is maybe likely to be a low priority. And a new domain may have to join a long queue to get attention. My speculation.

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    Google will change the frequency of indexing based upon how often you add new content. Sites that have been stagnant for a while may only get indexed every few months. Sites that are updated daily usually get indexed several times per day. Each indexing only covers a small portion of the site, so make sure new content is linked to from the home page.

    I don't think anyone knows how long it takes Google to adjust the frequency once you start doing updates. Google is as Google does.

    If you are using WordPress, WordPress pings Google every time you add a new page or post. I frequently see Google spidering a page as I am making the final changes.
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    OKay, on one of my blogs, bit over a month ago, I had something on it for a few days.
    Indexed by google.
    Then I wiped out the blog and it was blank until last week.
    So far, the old indexed page is on top of google, showing the old description.
    New page is way below the old page.
    So it make take some time before google realizes that the old description and pages are defunct.

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    I see that the bot is visiting my site each day without the need to ping. Pinging seems to only apply to blogs since the pinged service is Google Blog Search and other blog-related services.

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    There is no need to ping your site because Google bots will crawl your site and it will depend on how often your website's content updates. But I'm wondering why other websites has the old description on the search results even the site is often updated its content.

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    The description is a meta tag, so it may not be updated with the content of the page body. Some web page templates or CMS systems may use the same description meta tag on every page of the site. I often leave out this meta tag because my first paragraph of content tends to act as a description.

    The description is good for when your page doesn't contain an article/post such as a picture gallery.

    With pings, I have read comments by site owners that got a reduction in traffic from abusing the ping services. I would only ping news-worthy content that a search engine would be eager to be first to index it. Non breaking-news content does not have the same urgency to be indexed.
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    I have seen old, deleted pages that stayed in Google's index for years. They never showed up in search results, but for some reason Google was not checking that page in their index. They have to check a page and register the status code 404 several times before they remove a page.

    I don't know how often Google updates the description meta tag. I've seen it take several weeks to correct a typo change in the description meta tag, while the content gets updated much more quickly.

    Google is as Google does.

    I use the Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger plugin with my WordPress sites because I tend to post an article and then tweak it several times. This plugin only pings Google once.
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    I noticed that my new site content got indexed after a few days so OK!

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    My blogs, new posts are indexed by google within hours at most.
    What is weird is the search terms people use to find my blog.
    Some to most of them really have nothing to do with the blog.
    And people must drill down google when searching.

    Pinging, I use only the default that comes with wordpress.
    Tried the list plugin one time, did not see any need to continue pinging 20 or 50 sites.

    And as stated, google does as google wants.

    So why worry about google?

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