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Thread: The future of SEO: Likes instead of Links?

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    I think overall that is a great idea. My view is, with facebook becoming synonymous with social networking, the use of Likes button can also represent an expression of support and votes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by memenode View Post
    In a nutshell I think the future is, or at least should be, about SEO becoming in a sense redundant so long as you're already focused on optimizing for your user's experience. It already is this way a lot more than it was in the early 2000s, and with a possible shift to "likes" instead of links it could be even more so. Basically, it's about impressing the humans, not the bots.
    If they switch from "links" to "likes", that just means instead of link spam, there will be like spam...
    I agree with memenode that the key to long term success is to create something of value. Google and FaceBook rank well because they offer something people want, and not because they built a lot of spammy links.
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  3. What did I say? Google is already experimenting with an equivalent to Likes in search results: Official Google Blog: +1’s: the right recommendations right when you want them—in your search results

    Good I say.

  4. In my opinion, Google is always going to be using links, as well as site references, and now "google plus one" as a ranking factor. How much they give to each factor will really depend, and that will change.
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  5. That's probably true, but links increasingly ceasing to be the sole determinator of rankings is enough to significantly disrupt SEO as we know it, and I'm not sure it's really possible to optimize for things like +1 and people removing certain search results from view (a recent anti-content-farm feature) because they're not a matter of an algorithm that you can just try to reverse engineer and then base your SEO tactics on. They're quite unpredictable.

    In my opinion this is good. I want to see an end to SEO as we know it and I cannot wait for it to happen. I'm tired of spam and spammers, and low quality but "high-SEOd" content. While this might sound threatening to some fellow web masters, I'd say the sooner you decide to adapt to this the better. I might sound annoying now, but that will change. People who have always been looking for different ways to gain traffic and attention, will be in high demand. True marketers, memeticists, branding experts, high value content creators, people passionate about the topic they create content about and not just content spinners - you will need these "anti-SEO" types very badly.

    There's of course some overlap between that and SEO in so far as it involves creating compelling content as a "link bait" tactic, but a huge amount of what is known as "SEO" just isn't that, and is more about gaming the system or getting as many links as possible by any legitimate or illegitimate means. IMHO that just needs to die.

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    Hey Memenode,

    Don't cry for the death of SEO because then I'm out of a job. Instead, root on the evolution of SEO. Good SEO is the type of SEO that creates value. You won't ever hear me advocate to any of my clients (nor at my full time job) to spam. The short term gains are in no way better than the long term losses. However, I'll always advocate for value. And that's part of what SEO is.

    SEO, in my opinion, isn't about gaming the system. It's about creating value to get backlinks and then ensuring that your site is optimized so that the content can be found. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be found; it's what marketers have been doing for decades and decades (even before the Internet). To hate SEO is to be a generalist. I hate spam and I'm a SEO. There's a reason you only see the bad SEO; it's dumb. The good SEO goes along with their job of creating great quality content, optimizing their site to be easily found, and providing a high quality environment to the visitor. And if that means that I am optimizing my site for the search engines, then congrats, I am a SEO!

  7. I wish there was more SEOs like you then. The thing is, if and when optimizing for the search engines is the same thing as optimizing for human value then the term SEO is kinda redundant, because optimizing for humans is something you'd have to do regardless of whether there was a search engine or not. Search engine is just there to qualify your site according to the value it provides and show it to other humans as such.

    So whether it's the "end of SEO" or "evolution of SEO" seems almost like a semantical difference. I understand "evolution of SEO" might gain more sympathy though, so I can agree with you. I suppose it's about recovering the term so it refers to something better than what it is commonly associated with. That's one way to fight spam, influence the perception of spam as an invalid SEO tactic, something that has no place in "SEO".

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    It is beauty of internet marketing -> I'm focusing on SE and you are focusing on FB and we are both happy.

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    Interesting article: Eric Schmidt: 'I screwed up' Google's social strategy: “I clearly knew that I had to do something, and I failed to do it,” he said. “A CEO should take responsibility. I screwed up.”
    Eric Schmidt: 'I screwed up' Google's social strategy - Yahoo! News

    According to TechCrunch, a Google affiliate has confirmed that the Google's +1 feature will begin its official launch today.
    Google +1 may launch tomorrow; UPDATE: +1 begins initial launch with partner sites

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    I think that is for social network that is not about Search engine at all.

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