recently announced that Facebook is declaring a war on Google and then backtracked a bit from that and basically settled on that Facebook is only preparing for a war on Google. In any case it would appear Facebook will be playing an increasingly important role in the search market, and possibly in the defining of the future of search.

Inspired by this, and particularly about the idea of "likes" replacing "links" I wrote a post on our technology site: The Future of Search: Likes Instead of Links, Humans Instead of Bots where I express my attitude towards SEO as we know it and hopes for what may be the future.. and I'm curious about your opinions on this topic.

In a nutshell I think the future is, or at least should be, about SEO becoming in a sense redundant so long as you're already focused on optimizing for your user's experience. It already is this way a lot more than it was in the early 2000s, and with a possible shift to "likes" instead of links it could be even more so. Basically, it's about impressing the humans, not the bots.