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Thread: - ideas, reviews, feedback please

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    Lightbulb - ideas, reviews, feedback please

    Hello everyone,

    I have the domain
    tell me what you think about it, what could be done with it, any ideas and suggestions and how much successful do you think it could be

    Much appreciated,

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    I like it, it sounds quite catchy. As for what to do for it maybe make a gamers forum or even turn it into an onlice arcade site.

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    Reviews. New releases. Cheats. Console comparisons. Forums. Arcade. There's plenty you could do with a domain like that.

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    Both Charles and Sam contributed some great ideas above.

    The beautiful thing about a website is that it can always be more than one thing.
    Let me paint you a picture combining most of the ideas above, for maximum profitability:

    1. Main website is a blog where you can talk about general gaming-related things and review games, consoles and related products and accessories.

    2. Add a forum ( or for gaming discussion. Incorporate the idea for cheats/codes by creating a specific forum section for that, or just a general thread, or you could even do this by making a page on your blog and updating it - this would be dependent on the size of this section, for sure.

    3. Integrate an arcade into your forum. vBArcade, for example. This would be a better idea than making a separate arcade section because it could encourage posting and members won't need multiple accounts. If you want to, you could also bridge your Wordpress blog and forum member database. (Actually, maybe you can just utilize the new vBulletin CMS?)

    You see what I'm saying? Take all of these ideas and make them work!

    Edit: You might also be able to do promotion by starting a clan in the games you play called 'GamersCall' and use your site as an HQ - maybe with a private forum section or something.

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