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Thread: Google PageSpeed

  1. Thx for the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrapak View Post
    It may not only be Google. If I visit very slow sites they quickly piss me off, and chances are very small that I will re-visit them. In a competitive niche this means death.
    I hit the back button a lot with slow sites.

    The whole idea with PageSeed is to demote sites that are extremely slow and it is not necessarily to improve the rankings for sites that run fast.

    Minimizing code simply removes the unnecessary spaces and line feeds. The code still needs to be written efficiently.

    Many designers do not realize that they are building sites that are extremely slow whenever a user has a slow connection. About once per month a new client comes to me with a site with a 1.5 megabyte home page that is loaded with bloated code, huge Flash files and non-optimized images. You cannot properly experience a web page's performance with a fast Internet connection. Slow connections reveal the real problems. A one megabyte page can take several minutes to load for a first time user with a slow connection.

    A good rule is to never have a total page weight (total bytes for all code, images and objects) of more than 300,000 bytes. If your customers are mostly in rural areas with slow Internet connections, my rule is no more than a 100k page weight. There are vast rural areas in the USA where homes are still using dial-up connections. Their only alternative is a satellite connection, which is expensive and unreliable.
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    Definitely page speed is one of the most crucial factors that be cause in increasing or decreasing the bounce rate and we all know that higher bounce rate be the negative factor in the pagerank calculation. So if you better page speed and if your site takes less time for loading then it will be helpful to decrease the bounce rate and this will be count as the positive factor at the time of pagerank calculation.

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    Page load time also plays an important role in ranking a website in google search results. If the site load time is not good then our keyword position will start to dropdown.

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    oops my site got just 49 out of 100. Damm to those images that i recently added to show tutorials.
    But i have one basic question.What if the site is meant for just images only like wallpaper site.well then there is no way you get a good page rank for that.Plus also there is a server location issue i guess.
    If any expert on this here,please clarify my doubts,,,thanks in advance

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