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Thread: Google Penguin Update

  1. Google Penguin Update

    I didn't fully understand the details of this update but does it mean that links I've built for years are now worthless?

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    Not necessarily, garfish, although it's a possibility. Here's a really great read on Penguin, along with some recommendations for avoiding getting crosswise of it: Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn't Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter | Microsite Masters

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    That is a good article, Doc.

    Garfish, if your link-building techniques consisted primarily of directory links, then your rankings are probably toast. Google has had an emphasis on quality link from sites within the same industry for a couple of years.

    Their next target may be all of the tens of thousands of crappy directories out there. All they have to do in de-index them like they did to some of the major blog networks.
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    I am really sorry but what is this penguin update?
    can i get a official link about it showing information.I google it but got some crapy links with half info.

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