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Thread: Google search article from Wired

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    Google search article from Wired

    Big article from Wired magazine about Google search engine.

    Exclusive: How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web | Magazine

    Its a good read.

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    I've read it yesterday and yes it is a pretty good read, it's something that I brainstormed about for about 2 hours. Instead of reading the ebooks, just thinking 'if I was a search engine I would..' and I can say it helps
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. From the article:

    Even the Bingers confess that, when it comes to the simple task of taking a search term and returning relevant results, Google is still miles ahead.
    I have to disagree with that statement. According to my google analytics account, traffic from google has a bounce rate in the 55% range. While traffic from Bing and Yahoo has bounce rates in the 20% - 25% range.

    Here lately, when I do a google search, by the time I reach the end of the first page, totally unrelated search results are coming up.

    One example comes from a couple of my own sites. I can make a thread in one of my forums, wait 2 days, then do a search for the title of the thread in google - the thread is nowhere to be seen. Only when I put the title on quotes does it come up in google.

    In December of 2009 the town I live in got some snow. Since we only get snow about ever 3 - 5 years, its a rare occasion. I posted some pictures of the snow on my blog, and used the title tag to tell the search engines what the images were about. I waited about a week and did a google image search for the title tag of the images. The first page of google images was showing totally unrelated images, there was nothing with my home towns name in it, and most of the images were not even related to snow. Instead of pictures of snow, pictures of white raciest sites were coming up. How are white power sites, and snow even related? I think I found my images listed on pages 4 or 5 of google image search.

    It seems that google video search mostly returns videos from youtube and google video. I can be looking for videos that I know exist, and they are excluded from google search results for some reason, why is that?

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