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Thread: Google's new Useragent for News

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    Google's new Useragent for News

    Hope it's the right section to post this...

    New User Agent for News

    Today we are announcing a new user agent for robots.txt called Googlebot-News that gives publishers even more control over their content.
    Site owners can just add Googlebot-News specific directives to their robots.txt file. Similar to the Googlebot and Googlebot-Image user agents, the new Googlebot-News user agent can be used to specify which pages of a website should be crawled and ultimately appear in Google News.
    Include pages in Google web search, but not in News:
    User-agent: Googlebot

    User-agent: Googlebot-News
    Disallow: /

    Full details:

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    that sounds great! thanks for posting this

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    This can be helpfull. Does anyone tried it?

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