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Thread: Help, site not getting indexed

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    Unhappy Help, site not getting indexed

    I moved the hosting of my site My thoughts on Internet Marketing, Webmaster & Making money online. and it got deindexed meanwhile.. and not getting reindexed since 2-3 weeks.

    anybody, plz help what to do


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    yeh, yahoo seems ok.. have 5000+ backlinks
    site was down for 1 week before 2 weeks..
    ok just added a sitemap.

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    I was down for almost a mo. The site got picked back up once I started adding new post to the blog. Also pinged it a few times.

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    You can do either of the following to help you get index:

    1. Search Engine Submissions.
    2. Create a sitemap - it helps your inner pages get index.
    3. Build Links - back links helps your site get listed.
    4. Ping your site.

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    You have adsense on the site so you are getting crawled.

    Have you added some new blog posts? Perhaps Google will index some new content.

  7. make a sitemap The use of Sitemap becomes even more vital if the website has pages that can only be accessed through user entry. Sitemap will guide web crawlers in discovering and accessing your webpages.

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    I already made sitemap
    built links
    added new post
    still not getting indexed

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    Did you make any other changes when you moved the site?

    Have you asked the people at MyWebPP?
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