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Thread: how to build a ping tool.

  1. Question how to build a ping tool.

    I want to build a ping tool same as wordpress by php script.

    Please give me script it.

    Thank so much!

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    you want?
    You build it!

    But why?

    Search google and you will find all kinds of ping tools, etc.

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    There are some talented coders around at Netbuilders.
    Perhaps you will find what you're looking for here:


    Or, post your job here:



  4. friend use this is a great website to ping.

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    If you have in-depth knowledge of PHP and other script that you can create Ping tool, otherwise you should hire a professional programmers to build it for you or use free ping tools.

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    I suspect that the original post was from a bot since it's unclear as to what they are asking. My best guess is that they wanted to know how to go about coding a ping utility that mimics what the WordPress ping function does. I think that this can be done with a simple batch file with no programming required.

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    HotScripts is a good source to finding out such scripts or you should have a strong knowledge about how to create 'get' and 'post' request through php to achieve your goal.

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    I wonder how many people on this thread know what a ping is, and why you would need to ping a URL? For the record: I think it's a stupid idea to ping your URLs.

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    There is a website as
    It's really awesome as there is a rss genereator as well as submiter too.

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    I also don't know how to build that. If any one know how to do that, please let me know.

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