Some Q/A's that came into my head ...

Q: How do you obtain an authority domain?

A: Hold onto a domain name that hosts established content for years.
Or, maybe purchase an existing site.

Q: What kind of new content is likely to persist?

New original content.
Timeless, useful content.
Linkable content.

Q: How can you avoid getting your content ripped off?

Make it unattractive to copy e.g. specific to your brand, product, or local area.

How to avoid ranking penalties?
Avoid building large numbers of low quality links.
Ensure that the site contains quality content that would pass a manual review.

Site topic ideas:
Advertise your services
Provide a service to web masters
Re-purpose data
Provide an on-line tool
Create a specialist interest site
Create websites for local businesses

Just some ideas to stimulate topics for discussion: